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Superbia is a new financial marketplace made for our LGBTQ community with a mission to eradicate systemic LGBTQ discrimination and accelerate our inclusion and equality.

Our goal is to become your trusted safe space for banking, life & health insurances, and money management solutions that work for you and also for our community.


We are just Coming Out. Maybe You can Relate?

We are obsessed with breaking down the barriers to equality and accelerating change so we can all live our dreams.
We drive the change to 100 years of what's been a problem for our community in financial services.
Takes time? For sure - but less than you might think and WE ARE ALL Absolutely worth it!
With your support we become our best self – for you. And make the change happen faster!

Member Benefits

Built to Suit Your Needs and Not the Other Way Around. Imagine That!

You dare to be yourself and we love that about you too! In the coming months and years, Superbia will begin offering our community new choices in banking, life and health insurances, and money management that consider your needs first. At Superbia, you 'come as you' knowing you will be treated fairly and respectfully.


Join Your Community

We believe that true equality comes from the freedom to be yourself. By joining Superbia you become part of a new way of organizing us into a community that prioritizes our equality in every transaction. And, you'll be getting a spot in line to join the first-ever credit union to serve the national LGBTQ community when it opens later this year (pending regulatory operational approval).

Join Your Community

With Community. For Community.

We are made of our LGBTQ community. We hold partnerships with local and national change-making organizations that are aligned to our LGBTQ values. Superbia is committed to the efforts that matter most.

We're here for You

Our Mission is your guarantee of a welcome that is affirming and inclusive and that the work we do is to ensure every Superbia product or services will be free of discrimination. Be a part of the New Era of Equality. Join Superbia now.

Join The Movement