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2021. A New Era For Members

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“Hope will never be silenced”

Harvey Milk

More than just an end to 2020

We all have a story of what it took to cross the 2020 finish line and continue into 2021. There is no denying that for most of us, sheer determination played a big part. At Superbia, it was no different.

2020 was an exhausting year, as we strived to achieve our goals amid a global pandemic. Despite the challenging environment, we successfully brought Superbia into the world and began to powerfully unify under a mission to accelerate equality for our LGBTQ community.

We also made great strides in preparing Superbia Credit Union to open, completing most operational and technical requirements. However, pandemic challenges disrupted our ability to complete the full regulatory approval process. This delay is extremely disappointing for us all. But, we maintain a full and persistent effort through the grueling process that controls the timing of the credit union 2021 opening, knowing full well the acceleration to equality that is won in the operation of the first credit union in history to serve our national LGBTQ community.

The work of Superbia is to change a 100-year problem of intolerance and discrimination against our community. We are not about to let delays from the pandemic or other challenges stop our mission to provide access and deliver fair and non-discriminatory products to our community.

It’s 2021, and in the knowledge that many in our community have been harder hit by the effects of the pandemic than others, we are creating the products and services to help as soon as possible so you, Superbia Member, can secure your life, plan for the future, and live your dreams.

Thank you for your support. Without the strength of the thousands that are uniting as Superbia Members, our mission would not be possible. Please watch your email for more updates and invite your friends to join Superbia now.

Be Well. Be Encouraged.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

– Margaret Mead