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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does “Superbia” mean?
Do I have to be gay to join Superbia?
Why does the LGBTQ community need different financial services?
How long does it take to join/sign up?
What information is required to join?
Isn’t Superbia a credit union? I thought Superbia offered financial products and services, but I don’t see any... Why not?
When will Superbia Credit Union be operational?
Is Superbia a for-profit company?
Does any of my information get shared? If so, with whom?
If I sign up, do I have to use all the services Superbia offers or can I pick and choose?
Superbia is a new organization, why should I trust/use you?
I want to support Superbia, but there are no services currently available. What can I do?
What benefits do I get as a Member?
I have bad credit. Can I still apply for a credit card with Superbia?
Are Superbia employees part of the LGBTQ community?
Where can I follow Superbia on social media?
Who is Superbia for?
What causes and organizations are you planning to fund?
Does Superbia have branches or is it an online service?
Where is Superbia located?
When I tried to join Superbia, I did not receive an email to complete my membership. What do I do?
I made a donation and I did not receive my email receipt. What do I do?
How do I manage, change or cancel a monthly donation to Superbia?