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Superbia Foundation

Change Does Not Come to Those Who Wait

Superbia exists as a force for positive change.

This includes the work of  Superbia Foundation.

Our mission is to nationally engage the LBGTQ and allied communities in grass roots programs to affect systemic change and a new era of LGBTQ inclusion, and social & economic equality.

Superbia Foundation receives sustained funding annually from Superbia Services Inc.  Knowing the funding will be there when needed, Superbia Foundation has a vision to ‘move the needle’ in a mission to solve chronic or systemic issues that impact the well-being of our community, those we care about and those who care about us.


In leadership, create a national ‘safety net’ in support of community youth at risk, aging LGBTQ persons and other high priority population segments within our community sustainably funded by grants provided by Superbia Foundation.
Increase the availability and approval of credit made directly to the individuals of our community – who might otherwise have been denied based on their application , in the application of Foundation sponsorship programs made available for Superbia banking services products as they become available.
Sponsor and build programs that empower members of the community in accessing training, education and cooperative programs that build life and occupational skills.
Sustainably fund expert stakeholders to develop a transgender transition program that uses a holistic, person-centric approach to provide expert team-based care and the supporting resources for as long the person requires to complete their transition
Actively fund LGBTQ affirmation programs providing awareness to young and adolescent children, and college and university education curriculums to increase the level of knowledge and training of healthcare providers  
Fund the care and progress of the national LGBTQ community in programs of research in health, wellness, and in increasing the quality and availability of data to solve local, regional and national issues in the community.   


Act Locally

Long-term stable funding from Superbia Foundation will be invested into local communities of Superbia Members - addressing needs to produce the greatest targeted impact.

Respond Regionally

Collaborating with strong regional LGBTQ organizations to add resources that elevate the impact and accelerate change.

Impact Nationally

Participate with other national LGBTQ and allied non-profits to invest and affect change in our commitment for systemic change in our social equality – requiring a national strategic approach.

Priority Support : CenterLink and LGBTQ Community Centers

The CenterLink mission is to help build the capacity of LGBTQ Community Centers meet the social, cultural, health, and political advocacy needs of LGBTQ community members across the country.
Serving over 275 LGBTQ Community Centers that annually serve over 2 million people, CenterLink acts as a voice for LGBTQ Community Centers in national grassroots organizing, coalition building, and social activism in order to strengthen and build a unified Center movement.

Learn More about Centerlink

Mobilize for Change Now

Creating lasting change takes time, but with more resources, the change and impact happens faster. Every dollar donated to Superbia Foundation strengthens the new era of accelerating toward achieving true equality.

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