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Beginning a New Era of Equality

More than legalization, true equality requires freedom of choice, freedom of acceptance, and freedom of identity. Enter Superbia – the beginning of a New Era where the standard for an acceptable relationship between you and a financial provider – starts with no intolerance – and ends with no intolerance.

Our mission is to provide discrimination-free banking, life and health insurance, and money management services that fully consider the needs of our LGBTQ community.
Then, we donate 10% of ALL revenue right back into the Community through Superbia Foundation.

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We look forward – Because they made it possible...

We honor the trailblazers before us who had the courage and strength to fight for radical change over the last 50 years. It is now our time to carry their torch forward in a new way.

Superbia begins a new era of equality that unifies the power of our voices, our social good works and our money to accelerate LGBTQ social and economic equality.

The LGBTQ community holds fewer financial products than the general population

59% of LGBTQ persons don’t feel Financial Service Providers want to help “people like them”

1 in 5 LGBTQ live in poverty, vs. 1 in 10 of their peers

LGBTQ community has a 73% higher chance of being denied a mortgage,
(meaning an inability to build up an asset)

62% of LGBTQ people say they've experienced financial challenges due to their sexual orientation

71% of LGBTQ Americans (~10.5M people) live in states with no protection from discrimination in credit transactions

Change The System to Change The World

Superbia will be more than just banking, insurance, and other money matters. Superbia is a Community, coming together to celebrate our diversity and enjoy the freedom of being ourselves.
By offering financial services tailored to consider the needs of LGBTQ individuals and families, we’re investing in a New Era of Equality for You, Our Community, and a future of freedom.

We see a better way. It’s time for a new step forward in LGBTQ equality. Together, we can harness our combined economic power, and through equal treatment offered by Superbia, build financial freedom for ourselves and our families, while supporting our shared common interests.

You Might Know What It's Like to Come Out?

We need your support to become our best self – for you.

Join our Superbia Member community and help us grow as we begin offering our financial solutions over the coming months and years. This is our beginning. We appreciate the time to grow with our Community.

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Freedom to be You. For Free

When you join Superbia, you'll become part of a Community that prioritizes equality and the freedom to be yourself, as chosen by yourself. Membership is free. Join today

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