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The Superbia Pledge


Being a member of Superbia Association (Superbia) means You are eager and agree to help advance LGBTQ equality.

You agree you are open to be educated, and to educate other for awareness, and to engage in creating a more secure and equal financial and social future for yourself and the LGBTQ community.

You agree to acting with a high degree of self-respect and as high a degree of respect toward all members of Superbia and toward others that are not members of Superbia.

You agree that you are worth more than the bias that may have been put upon You.

You agree that You are worth more than a label society has placed on You.

You agree that You are worth it.

As a Member of Superbia, You are part of something that is bigger than yourself, a place to be together, that is safe and affirming and is building a better future for the LGBTQ community,

Here at Superbia we value You, and we as Members agree – You are worth it.

Superbia is Equality. Superbia is Inclusion. Superbia is all our differences.

Superbia is You.

Superbia is a new era in equality, a progressive community, unified in voice, social good works, and the power of our money.

Accepting of You – as You choose to Live, Dream, and who You Love.