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Come As You Are Financial Solutions

We believe that non-discriminatory financial solutions should be the default.
We’ll begin a new era of equality by rolling out financial solutions tailored to the needs of the LGBTQ community.

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Here is what we are working on for You

Our goal is to become the trusted safe space for banking, life & health insurances, and money management solutions that work for you and also the community.

Credit Union

When operational, Superbia Credit Union will be the first ever financial institution to serve the national LGBTQ community. To start, the Credit Union will offer checking and savings accounts with great rates, no fees, and no discrimination.

Credit Cards

Ever had trouble applying or getting approved for a credit card because you couldn’t check all the boxes? Want to put your preferred name on your card instead of the one on your birth certificate? We see you, and we’re developing credit card options to help the world see you.

Life Insurance

Not all families look alike, but most insurance policies assume they do. We’re designing life insurance that will work, regardless of your relationship status, gender identity, or preventative medications.

Healthcare Insurance

Navigating the world of health insurance in the U.S. is hard enough. Members of the LGBTQ community have health considerations that are often ignored. We’re working on a new way to find the right plans for your needs.

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Look at You – Changing the World.

At Superbia, we believe profits should be used for purpose. We’re committing 10% of ALL REVENUE directly back into our Community through the Superbia Foundation. This means that when you become a Superbia Member, your money is supporting a future of equality. 

You’re not just getting fair and non-discriminatory financial solutions. You’re also changing the world.  So send that text home and let them know that YES you meant it when you said were going to change the world!

The Foundation

Banking without Discrimination

When opened, Superbia Credit Union will be the first-ever financial institution to serve the national LGBTQ community and our allies.  Finally, there will be a banking option offering great rates, no fees, and no discrimination.  

It is hard work launching a first of a kind national credit union!  We are currently finalizing all the requirements to gain approval to begin operations.  And, we are working even harder to create a fluid and inclusive experience,  Just like our Community.

Our Mission

Let's Co-Create the New Era of Equality.

Help shape the next era of equality. As a Superbia Member, you will have the opportunity to provide your opinions and influence what product and services we offer. Become a Superbia Member today!

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